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Welcome to Nanofab3D....welcome to the future of nanofabrication.

New fabrication technologies that reduce costs by an order of magnitude disruptively change the way products are designed, built and used. At Nanofab3D our new nanofabrication technologies enable the creation of new ideas, new products and new markets. Call us to explore the possibilities in your business or research.


Nanofab3D Proprietary Technology

Our nanofabrication technologies remove the limitations of current process techniques by producing 3-dimensional nanoscale structures with a variety of materials in an ambient environment. This provides numerous benefits over existing technologies. We can fabricate:

  • Complex nanoscale structures that are not possible with traditional surface lithography or micromachining
  • On existing structures with surfaces that may be incompatible with lithography
  • Quickly, as compared to lithography
  • At low cost, especially for small batches








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